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Keto Friendly Reeses Fat Bombs

My First Attempt at a Keto Reeses Fat Bomb I needed a Keto Fat Bomb and though I would use the ingredients I had laying around. I have some tahini, macadamia nuts, almond flour, cocoa butter, coconut oil and cacao powder. So let’s use em and make something that solves my problem. Oh and the […]


Boot Edge Edge “Cheeky as it sounds, as the youngest guy in the conversation, my experiences are relevant,’’ Buttigieg, 37, said.

Spring is Here

It’s a rainy spring day, running some errands. Though I would venture down by the creek. It was beautiful. It reminded me, this winter was so harsh

Happy Friday to all my Friends!

Happy Friday! Drinks are served.

That’s how I roll!

I’d like to thank the team of friends who helped me complete my journey and made this whole thing possible. Special thanks to Joseph, Lance, Jonathan, Richard, George, and Susan.  Just finished a 12 hour, 630 mile day and I’m a little tired. That truck drives like a bike on a sandy beach 

This is how our journey begins!

  This is how our journey begins!

I’m Going On An Adventure

I’m going on an adventure driving 1,000 miles through the USA this week and I’m taking you with me but before I go… a quiet dinner with Bill. I ask you:The French like mustard with their steak. Good idea or bad idea??

At Jun-Men Ramen Bar NYC

    Back in the city to get some work done… Quick lunch to keep our energy up

5th Ave Upper East Side

Luxury 8 Room, 4 bath Eastside Residence

What was once average and ordinary is now spectacular. Every surface has been restored or just completely remade to belong in what is an unbelievable level of finish. To stand in the center of any room is to be surrounded in only the most exquisite and tasteful textiles, natural stone, and wood grain. Each piece […]

My First Post

Hello World More to come soon!

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