Who is Fritz?

Fritz Washabaugh is a developer, musician & photographer in New York.


A developer, session drummer, and photographer. Living life as a down-to-earth creator/artist in NYC while still remembering my dreams.


Just a small town guy in the big city. My work is in computers. I am an accomplished programmer, musician, motorcyclist, bicyclist, and shoot photography for fun and work


Completionism, technology, cooking, conservation, minimalism, naturalism, economic theory, history, physics, chemistry, and motor bikes.

Just Sayin

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Local SWAT raid police

I need to have a moment with you. Since 2001, I’ve been following government overreach and capability. My research lead me to findings of NSA surveillance technology and tactics 6 years before The Showden Revelations. I’m not special. The information was out there and people were talking about it, but ‘The News’ wasn’t. There were even whistleblowers that everyone ignored. The DOD wants to listen to you, they want to watch you, they want a database on you.

This all happens because the military industrial complex wants more power to control you. When you are being controlled they can “keep you safe” They were listening to your phone calls, reading your emails, scanning your browser history, and tracking your license plates and easy-pass. They were tracking your cell phone. They were building behavior patterns based on your data. You may think you don’t have anything to hide but everyone breaks 1 of 27,000 laws at sometime. If the government wants something from you, they will threaten you with the overwhelming weight of the justice system and they will get what they want. Everyone thinks they aren’t special, and that’s true, until you are! Then you will wish you listened. You won’t believe it’s happening to you and you won’t be able to stop it. Please start a dialog. Ask questions. Challenge assertions I have made. Ask for facts. I will do my best to show you whats happening and how it’s much worse than your current beliefs. It’s sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it isn’t. Please heed my warnings.

Please fear the real threat, ‘Government Surveillance’. Even with the threat of terrorism, no amount of damage could match that of a surveillance state. Even to this point, the government has had real effects. News agencies are self-censoring, journalist have been arrested and slapped with gag orders, people have been imprisoned with no charges, corporations speaking publicly about the government threats and they are issuing Warrant Canaries, and whistleblowers have been charged with treason. You need privacy, but won't know it until it's gone.

How could people have decided that marijuana should be legal if nobody had ever used it? How could states decide that same sex marriage should be permitted, if nobody had ever seen or participated in a same sex relationship?

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Throughout human history gays were persecuted, ostracized, burned, and crucified. America has had a dark history as well. Not long ago, was virtually illegal to be gay, and the damage from that time is still filtering through society. People were imprisoned, publicly outed, disowned by their parents, fired from their jobs, evicted without notice, and lynched. The government produced propaganda demonizing non-straights as deviant and sinister. Police raided gay bars, and sanctuaries. Lacking the ability to have meaningful loving relationships in public, gays were reduced to secret lives, lies, and hookups in the shadows. Without hope, gay drug abuse soared, many lived on the streets or turned to suicide.
All gays wanted was a place were it was safe for them to work, and live. Ghettos began forming in large urban areas like Chicago, LA, San Fransisco, and New York. It was simply a place people could escape the tyranny of their surroundings. Neighborhoods spawned thriving with counter culture. Fashion, art, theater, photography and music blossomed.
In the 80s, AIDS annihilated those communities. LGBT couldn't go home to their families that disowned them and they were kicked out of hospitals. Left to die in the streets they began caring for themselves, friends nursed friends dying a slow agonizing death over months or years. The country and the president looked the other way as hundreds of thousands rotted away. 10 times more gays died in the US in the 80s & 90s than in the Nazi concentration camps.
It was the gay community that helped the gay community. LGBT alliances were built and some of the strongest legal and civil associations ever seen in US history and started fighting. First they fought for AIDS treatment and support, then they fought for LGBT recognition and finally they fought for marriage. LGBT legal alliances pushed back against a society and oppressive government. After centuries of oppression the tides have turned. LGBT legal groups delivered decisive blows to virtually every legislative battle in their way and for the first time under federal law gays have the full rights of any US citizen to get married. LGBT are starting to feel safe outside of their homogeneous neighborhoods. As they move out of gay ghettos, straights bid vigorously to get in. Those once ghettos of America are area are the most expensive real estate in the country.

It is because of this history that I will never forget, before the country supported LGBT rights, it was against LGBT rights. The government used it's capability to spy, spread propaganda, arrest and prosecute anyone they scooped up then they published their names in the newspapers. Millions of lives were ruined, and hundreds of thousands died. I say with great understanding, the government should not spy on it's citizens. The government should be spied on by it's citizens.

We all have secrets from our government, and we should

Ice Cream

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It turns out the healthiest best tasting ice cream is nitrogen ice cream. I love the danger and the result is magnificent! Nitrogen turns to gas at -320˚. That's cold! When things freeze at ultra low temperatures, they don't have time to make big unsavory crystals. Nitrogen ice-cream is one of the healthiest ice-creams because the ice crystals are kept small so there is no need for additives and added fat. So where do you get nitrogen ice-cream? You can't buy it, yet, I've looked and researched. But I found the next best thing; Edy's Slow Churn. Slow Churn is diet market speak for 'Super Low Temperature Extrusion', which is the holy grail of ice-cream. They freeze the cream mixture at 'super low temperatures', so it's kind of like nitrogen ice cream, and it's rich, smooth, and wonderful. Science! Enjoy

Gifts were special in 1400s Tibet. Morality was through the roof, trinkets were rare and handmade. When you gave something to someone, it had been owned by someone before you, it had history. A gift was made with someone's blood, sweat, and tears. Gifts are still a thing in capitalist America. It's odd. Americans have everything they need, and everything they want is too expensive to gift, gifts are still the status quo. Everything is made in China, but there is still this demand that everyone get gifts for every event, birthdays, christmas, weddings, bridal showers, and baby showers. Here's the thing, no one gets you want you want and everything ends up in the trash! You don't need anything. It's all just trash! This is why I don't do gifts and you shouldn't either.

I'm a realist and we won't give up this habit over night... This Christmas try something different. Everyone in your family buy one gift for everyone in your family. One gift for one person. Make sure it is made in the country of your families origin, and make it $100 or more in value. Get a gift for someone that has some intrinsic value, or is made from valued materials, not something that is cheap and will contribute to landfills. Stop the needless consumption.

Why do I have to reboot my computer?
Most of these ‘problems’, are deeply imbedded in the code run by the system and programs, many of which are memory leaks, resource conflicts, etc. With most programs and operating systems containing millions of lines of code, some of which is upwards of 10 or even 20 years old, it’s not surprising that their might be an issue or two. No program is perfect. Rebooting is a simple answer these extremely subtle issues in what is otherwise harmony of mathematical precision.

Alert: Your government is watching you. You think it doesn't matter because your life is boring

What is this website built on?

It's a long story

This website is built on the slfx framework. The framework allows fast project builds, and enables caching and ajax fragments with almost no development compile dependancies like LESS, Grunt, Bower, or Composer. It's just time consuming to setup yet another workstation, and compile on a local machine, when I could be writing clean concise code and markup, fast on the spot for clients, for money. slfx framework also serves really fast! The layout is Bootstrap framework with an Google Material theme, because I love Material. The theme is provided by Creative-Tim. They seem like a pretty good group
slfx framework is also special because it has a really easy fast non-relational db framework, image caching, email messaging w/ unsubscribe, and tons more... It's available in beta to play with

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