New direction, away from inexpensive, medium power, beginner frames, in to mid priced high power, heavy lifters, medium light frame…

Sorry no video yet.

Heavy Lift Multicopter

FC: MultiWii

Motors: Tigermotor 3506 650kv / 99 grams per motor

ESCs: rcmanchild 30amp flashed with simonK firmware

Props: draganfly 12″ x 4.5″

Thrust: 1,200g max thrust per motor / 4800g total

Dimensions: 15″ across the front / 26″ across the body

Total weight w/o battery: 1,190g

Average flight time: 10 – 15minutes ish, and it flies like a champ! Very fast climbs, and nice balanced descents.


motors: $240  (down to $100, for off brand)

carbon fiber: $42 (down to $1, for hickory arms, cheap version)

flight controller: $22

props: $15

power distribution board: $2.59

nuts and bolts: $12

esc: $76 (down to $40 for off brand )

mounts: $31

zipties: $1

wire protector: $1

skid rails: $2.50


Total: $445.09

I think I could get that cost down by $250, by buying in quantity, and swapping parts (particularly motors, escs, and carbon fiber).

My goal would be to sell a few then buy a maker bot, and make all the wood platforms out of abs. Then start getting funky with designs.

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